"Where does it say in the bible..." All the lyrics are taken from or refer to scripture.

"Hail Mary full of grace," the angel said to me,
"The Lord is with thee," what greeting could this be?
He said the Spirit of the Lord would cover me
And the mother of the Son of God Iíll be.

"Blessed art thou among women," all generations say,
"Blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus," for us sinners pray.
For Elizabeth in her womb bears a boy,
For the mother of our God he leapt with joy.

Holy Mary, "who am I that she
Mother of our God, should come to visit me?"
You said "Do whatever he tells you to do."
When we join our prayers with yours Heíll answer you.

Pray for us sinners now, to draw us to your Son
And at the hour of death, to bring us home to Him
His disciple he entrusted to your care,
Thank our Lord His mother now we share.
His love for us Godís children you bear
Draw us to the Father with your prayer
Draw us to the Spirit with your prayer
Draw us close to Jesus with your prayer
To the centre of your sweetness with your prayer.