(from John 15)

Music © P. Allsop 2006

I am the vine, you are the branches

Whoever remains in Me bears fruit in plenty.

And it will be to the Father's glory

That you should bear fruit for Me as My disciples

Remain in Me.


Yes I am the true vine, the Father tends to Me

Every branch that grows is in His care.

As He prunes the branches,

making sure the fruit will grow.

He knows what He wants each one to bear.


Stay close to Me, you will know I'm with you

Giving life to all that you do.


You know I have loved you, just as the Father loves

Share with all the love you have received.

Keep to My commandments, in My love you will remain.

In this way your joy will be complete.


Friends of Mine I call you, do what I ask of you

I reveal to you the Father's ways.

You did not choose Me, no I commissioned you

Called you to bear witness to My name.