Words & Music P. Allsop 2006

Father our God may Your name be exalted
Mighty Your hand is profound are Your works
Marvellous to us all You have created
Signs of Your greatness the heavens and earth

Praise to You Father Lord God of creation
Praises we sing to Christ Jesus Your Son
And with the Spirit we glory and worship
Glory and praise to the Three in One

Jesus our saviour You came to redeem us
Light in our darkness You showed us the way
Shared the Good News of the love of our Father
Offered Your life so that we might be saved

Spirit of God living presence among us
Still You restore us and fill us anew.
Many the gifts You bestow on Your people
Great is the work You inspire us to do

Now we shall sing of Your glory and splendour.
Now we proclaim that Your kingdom is come
Reigning in glory both now and for ever
Mighty the Godhead the Three in One