Thanks be to GOD, and everyone who helped create this music! We have been privileged and blessed to have been helped and supported by a wonderful team of talented singers and musicians, who have given their time, their energy and their enthusiasm to help us realise this project. We thank them all for helping us make this gift of music for the glory of God. We thank our parents, families and friends too, who have supported us along the way.

Songs/settings: Clare Allsop

Main vocals, guitar, and percussion - Philip & Clare Allsop

Violin - Teresa Brown;bass guitar - George Butcher; Flute - Frances Hooper & Sally Easton; Oboe - Miriam McComie, Keyboard - P. Allsop; Djembe - Penny Drewett; Vocals - Rachel Balraj, Elaine Douglas, Charlotte Easton, Eileen Line, Gemma Mason, Violet Page, Chris Pawson, Marian Shires, Trevona Stephen George, Benny Tjahjono, Gerry Waters. Mercy Gloria: recording courtesy of the Maltfriscan Community.

This album is dedicated to the parents and grandparents of Clare Allsop with love and thanks.